Jim Turner Memorial Award

Michelle Lau (left) Nelson Raposo, Board of Directors of Community Living Toronto (center) & Edward Lau (right).  Nelson nominated Michelle and Edward for the 

2023 Jim Turner Memorial Award for Outstanding Voluntarism. 

Valerie Picher, Board Chair of Community Living Toronto

Brad Saunders, CEO of Community Living Toronto

Daniele Zanotti, President and CEO of United Way Greater Toronto 

Congratulations to Edward & Michelle Lau for outstanding voluntarism in the community!

May 30, 2023

On May 3, 2023, Edward Lau, an Ontario Region Transportation Security Inspector and an active member of Transport Canada’s National Advisory Committee for Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities, and his wife Michelle, were awarded the Jim Turner Memorial Award for Outstanding Voluntarism from Community Living Toronto.

Community Living Toronto is a non-profit organization that fosters inclusive communities by supporting the rights and choices of people with an intellectual disability. Since 1948, the organization has been offering a wide range of services in support of people with an intellectual disability, and their families. Jim Turner, for whom this award is named, was a former President of the Board of Directors of Community Living Toronto and was one of organization’s strongest leaders, advocates, and friends.

Each year, Community Living Toronto holds a "Leaders in Philanthropy" event to presents awards in recognition of volunteers who support the work of the organization and have made an outstanding contribution that has affected the lives of the individuals they support and their families.

The Jim Turner Memorial Award for Outstanding Voluntarism is given to those who give back to their community with the precious gift of their time. This may be done through direct service, contribution on Community Living Toronto’s committees or other activities/events.

In the case of Edward and Michelle, they were recognized for their desire to give back and help a cause that they feel strongly about and have demonstrated their commitment to over the years. Edward began volunteering for Community Living Toronto in 2010 and joined the Board of Directors in 2013. Together, he and Michelle support many Developmental Sector initiatives, both as donors and volunteers. They are huge advocates for all people with disabilities, driven by their own family member, who has inspired them to do more.

Among the many volunteer activities across various organizations far beyond just Community Living Toronto that Edward and Michelle have been involved in, they were also nominated for the work that they have done at their ME & Lau Family Foundation. Through this foundation, Edward and Michelle raise funds to support charitable organizations that provide services to people with intellectual disabilities, and the sector, in the Greater Toronto Area. Their foundation has funded and organized many outstanding initiatives such as a scholarship program, an income tax filing clinic for people with low incomes and families of people with intellectual disabilities, as well as their music concert for people with intellectual disabilities Learn more about Edward and Michelle’s foundation.

Michelle and Edward are inspired to be part of the Community Living Toronto team, fighting for inclusion, and feeling a sense of belonging; knowing that they are making a difference. For them belonging is "being treasured, being part of the team, being part of the organization and being recognized for what you have done no matter how big or small." They note that "the concept of inclusion is important for our sector and people of all abilities, their voices and opinions are important. Planning is important, when done collectively and everyone gets involved."

Community Living Toronto’s vision is: A society where everyone belongs. A society where everyone is valued. Edward and Michelle’s actions have embodied this vision through their commitment to using whatever resources are available to them to make people’s life better.

Congratulations on your award Edward & Michelle!

(Source: Transport Canada Ontario Region Article - People Stories. May 30, 2023 - RDIMS#19523849)

Michelle Lau and Edward Lau received the Jim Turner Memorial Award for Outstanding Voluntarism at the Community Living Toronto Philanthropy event .  

(Photos taken on May 03, 2023) 



【本報訊】多年來為本地社區智障人士提供免費報稅、獎學金及發揮藝術才華表演機會的劉庭嘉(Edward Lau)與其妻子劉黃善樺(Michelle),日前獲多倫多

社區生活協會(Community Living Toronto)頒發詹杜拿傑出義工服務紀念獎(JimTurner Memorial Award for Outstanding Voluntarism),以表揚他們服務社區的


另劉庭嘉將於下月的全國無障礙周(National AccessAbility Week),獲他的上司聯邦運輸部航空安全總監表揚他在這方面工作的貢獻。劉庭嘉為聯邦運輸部公務員,他亦是其工作部門關注障礙有關服務等委員會委員,此外他同時亦是萬錦市無障礙諮詢委員會(Markham Advisory Committee on Accessibility)副主席。


每年該會舉行「慈善領袖」活動(Leaders in Philanthropy),向那些支持該會工作及傑出的義工頒發獎項,藉此表揚他們對服務使用者及其家人帶來的貢獻。而獲頒詹杜拿傑出義工服務紀念獎的人士,他們用寶貴的時間回饋社區,包括直接服務,捐款或參與其他活動。是次義工獎項由多倫多社區生活協會董事Valerie Picher頒發。


除了參與該協會的義工服務外,劉氏夫婦因為其家庭基金會(ME & Lau FamilyFoundation)的工作而獲得提名。他們通過基金會籌募善款,支持在大多倫多地區服務智障人士的慈善組織。該基金會資助及籌辦多個具意義的活動,例如獎學金計劃,為低收入的智障人士及其家庭提供免費報稅服務,以及為智障人士主辦音樂會等。詳情可登入基金會綱址:https://www.melaufamilyfoundation.com/

他們受到鼓舞而成為該協會團隊的成員,為推動社區的包容而努力,感受到這份歸屬感,並知道他們的工作正在發揮作用。 對他們來說,歸屬感是指被珍惜,成為團隊及組織的一部分,無論所做的事情屬大屬小,都會因此得到認可。他們指出,包容的概念對社區及所有人,包括他們的聲音和意見甚為重要。計劃同樣是重要,但要眾人合力完成,並且每個人都參與其中。


Community Living Toronto (https://cltoronto.ca) and our 75th Anniversary. 

Celebrating 75 years of belonging, Community Living Toronto has long been a source of support for people with an intellectual disability and their families. 

CLTO is reflecting on how far it has come over the past 75 years through stories on how important it is for people with an intellectual disability to feel that they belong in their community.

Since 1948, CLTO has provided the tools and support needed for every person in our community to live well and independently.

Community Living Toronto is proud to support over 4,000 individuals and their families in more than 80 locations across Toronto.


The "community living movement" began with families who wanted their children to live in the community rather than institutions. Today, Community Living Toronto continues to advocate for inclusive communities and support the rights and choices of people with intellectual disabilities. 

If more information/messaging is needed, please feel free to pass along the link to our 75th Anniversary webpage: https://cltoronto.ca/75th-anniversary/

Valerie Picher, Board Chair of Community Living Toronto

Brad Saunders, CEO of Community Living Toronto