2023-2024 income tax filing clinic for people with low income & families with intellectual disabilities

Photo taken at the Community Living York South Markham Office.  The ME & Lau Family Foundation (ME) donated $1000 to the clinic.

2023-24 Income tax filing clinic for people with low income and family of people with intellectual disabilities

The ME & Lau Family Foundation is a proud sponsor of the 2023-24 Income Tax Filing Clinic for People with Low Income and Family of People with Intellectual Disabilities

The project is in partnership with Community Living York South

Date & Time: Saturday April 13, 2023 | 9 am to 5 pm (Appointment Only)

Location: 5694 Hwy 7 East, Unit 13, Markham, ON L3P 1B4

Eligibility Criteria:

Our clinic is a participant of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).

Our clinic advisors are Chloe Ho, Ben Ma & Eric Fong.

Unfortunately, we cannot prepare tax return for individuals with:

Please book your appointment by contacting: Winny Ho 905-294-4971 Ext 267. clau@communitylivingyorksouth.ca.  

今年為智障人士免費報稅的服務,將於4月13日(周六)上午9時至下午5時,於 Community Living南約克萬錦中心( Community Living York South Markham office, 5694 Highway 7 East, Unit 13, Markham)舉行,只限預約。 申請免費報稅服務者,須符合下列條件: 中等收入及簡單的一般報稅程序; 收入來源包括就業、退休金、福利金(例如傷殘保險金和社會援助金)、退休儲蓄計劃(RRSP)、獎學金,助學金或補助金,以及少於1,000元的利息收入。 而不符合資格的收入來源,包括: 自僱收入或就業開支(但在T4A 048項總收入低於1,000元或以下仍合資格); 企業收入及開支; 租金收入及開支; 資本收益或損失; 在報稅年度破產; 報稅者已離世; 以及擁有海外物業或收入。 合資格者可獲免費服務,名額有限,有需要者請及早預約。預約可致電:(905)294-4971,內線382,或電郵至:who@communitylivingyorksouth.ca

2023-2024 income tax filing clinic for people with low income & families with intellectual disabilities PHOTO

Congratulation to the volunteer team and the CLYS Markham staff for another successful year of income tax filing for people with low / mid range incomes and family with intellectual disabilities.

Special thanks to Councillor Ritch Lau and Councillor Isa Lee for attending our clinic on behalf of the Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti.  Also thank you Markham Regional Councillor Alan Ho for his letter of congrats.

(Photo taken at the Community Living York South Markham Office on April 23, 2024)

Apr. 13 - ME & Lau Foundation - Tax Filing Clinic.pdf
ME & Lau Income Tax Clinic Greeting.pdf

Thank you Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Regional Councillor Alan Ho, Councillor Isa Lee (Markham Ward 8) and Councillor Ritch Lau (Markham Ward 2) for your ongoing support to our income tax filing clinic.


Eligibility Requirements:

Unfortunately, we cannot file a tax return for you if:

Your income is greater than: $35,000 for individuals, $45,000 for couples, +$2,500/dependent

You have crypto currency transactions

You are self-employed (including independent contractors, Uber, Foodora, etc - Box 20/48 on a T4A)

You have rental income, capital gains, or interest income greater than $1,000

You are filing for: bankruptcy, or a deceased person

You have foreign investment property worth more than $100,000

Needed for all Tax Returns:

Social Insurance Number or Individual Tax Number

Government-Issued photo ID

Recommended for all Tax Returns:

Direct Deposit Information (if not already set up)

USB Drive

Prior year tax return/Notice of Assessment (if not first-time filing)

Common Items for Students

T2202; Tuition slip provided by your post-secondary institution

T4; Employment slip – Mailed by employer

T4A; Scholarships/RESP Withdrawals/CESB/CERB 

Rent Receipts – Either letters from landlord or cheque copies (not required at time of filing)

T4E; Employment Insurance claims

Less Common Items

Medical Expenses – All expenses paid out-of-pocket and not reimbursed by insurance; includes insurance premiums and UHIP costs

Moving Expenses – Records of expenses incurred to move for work

RRSP Contribution Slips – should be mailed to you by your financial institution

FHSA Contribution Slips – should be mailed to you by your financial institution

Student Loan Interest – Online on NSLSC

Charitable Donations - Quest

T3/T5/T5007 – Small investment income

Foreign Income – IMPORTANT: Your foreign tax return MUST be done prior to arriving at the Tax Clinic

Do NOT Bring

Home Office Expenses – the temporary flat rate method was phased out for 2023, the clinic cannot do detailed methods of calculation.

Pay Stubs – These are not a valid substitute for T4s

GST/HST Notice of Assessments – These are not used at the Tax Clinic

Credited: Checklist created by our Clinic Advisor, Ben Ma.