DonatE Today!

Your generous support is helping to create a a society where everyone belongs and is valued - thank you! 

Your donation will help the ME & Lau Family Foundation to fund and organize the following fundraisers:

 (1) String Music Art Exhibition

(2) ME & Lau Family Foundation Scholarship, &

(3) Income Tax Filing Clinic for People with Low Income and Families of People with Intellectual Disabilities.

Proceeds from our fundraisers and funds donated by members of the ME & Lau Family Foundation will go toward a charitable organizations that Ed and Michelle Lau resonate with and wholeheartedly support.  These charitable organizations should be service providers for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities and are also registered charities under the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Charitable and non-profit organizations that Ed and Michelle support or have supported in the past include, Community Living Toronto, Community Living York South and the APTUS Treatment Centre.

Please contact for more info.