the benjamin project

ME & Lau Family Foundation 

The ME & Lau Family Foundation and DD Community Connector proud to have partnered with the Benjamin Project to educate on responsible pet ownership and to raise funds for shelters, sanctuaries and rescues. 

We believe pets are friends to human and companions to people with intellectual disabilities.

For this partnership, the ME & Lau Family Foundation and DD Community Connector are responsible for promoting the Benjamin Project to the Chinese Canadian Community within the Greater Toronto Areas. The Benjamin Project is responsible for the project's operations.

Honouring the Goodness of Pets and Eliminating Animal Cruelty from the World 

Imagine a world where all children could experience the joy of nurturing a pet and learning about the compassion and intelligence which pets possess.

A world where there is no more abuse, and companion animals are protected by legislation as sentient beings and not as property.

Where every young person’s voice is heard when it comes to advocating for responsible pet stewardship.

Where the need for shelters, rescues, and animal welfare organizations becomes obsolete because every animal has a home.

All it takes is ONE generation to create such a world.

Please look through our site at the the Benjamin Project to find out how you can support us.


“Our task must be to free ourselves…by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty” 

- Albert Einstein 

As all dog lovers know, a pet dog’s main purpose in life is to give its owners unconditional love. Those fortunate enough to have a pet like Benjamin also know this love comes with boundless energy, goodness, innocence, incredible intelligence and lots of great and often humorous stories. 

Benjamin chronicles the life of one dearly beloved pet’s journey through life with his humans. This book is the cornerstone of the Benjamin Project, an educational and fundraising initiative in Benjamin’s memory ( 

Since publishing our first book about Benjamin in 2014, we now have a children’s book (2018) and an anthology of stories from 22 authors about animals and their impact on our lives (2021). The net proceeds from these books are donated in full to animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescues. We also have a leading children’s education workbook, a Benjamin Booster Scholarship, and a wonderful presentation for children and adult groups . 

Contact us to learn more! the Benjamin Project is dedicated to honouring Benjamin and to making the world a better place.


the Benjamin Project is for Benjamin… and for all animals everywhere.

Benjamin was a wonderful mixed terrier we adopted from the Ontario SPCA in 2000 at the approximate age of eighteen months.

He brought us, and many other people, incalculable love and joy.

We have written two books titled Benjamin, one for children and one for adults, which we think will cheer readers and educate people about the profound qualities of pets, animals, and issues associated with their welfare. By purchasing the books and other items on our site, you help to spread the word beyond the written page.

As we reflected on our time with Benjamin, we realized that if this were to really make a difference, it would serve to educate children and youth the world over, so future generations will grow up with a deep understanding and sense of accountability for responsible pet stewardship and animal welfare.

The Benjamin Project is what emerged from these reflections.




Hi there!

I am the founder of The Benjamin Project which I created in memory of my dog, Benjamin. 

Our mission is to educate on responsible pet ownership and to raise funds for shelters, sanctuaries and rescues. All funds raised from the sale of my books about Benjamin are donated. Since our start in 2014, The Benjamin Project has donated $25,000.

My third book is now available. Borne out of the depths of the pandemic, it is an anthology of true stories by fellow Canadians about animals and their impact on our emotional wellbeing.  Hand illustrated pro bono by Dr. Irene Oktaba, an artist in Sault Ste. Marie, it was also published pro bono by Lisa Browning of One Thousand Trees publishing. The book sells for $20, and every dollar above the $8.50 cost of printing will be donated - in this case, to animal and people shelters, out of the cold programs, and the like.

If you buy one book this year, or one more, please consider this one. It will also make a beautiful gift for the holidays.

Woof! (thank you)

Visit the store to buy the book.

Malcolm Bernstein, the Benjamin Project.